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The new year means the new you...

Or does it?

Jan 1st is all about resolutions:

Signing up to the gym.

Healthier eating

Saving money to buy my new house.

The start of my new business venture.

Exciting ways to ensure that I have a productive and good year ahead.

A quick Google search to remind myself what the Jewish new year is all about:

‘Creation of the world’

‘Day of judgement’

‘G-d deciding our destiny’

these are the phrases that pop up in my browser.

Who will live,

Who will die.

Who will be poor,

Who will be wealthy…

So vulnerable.

G-d is completely in control.

He decides our fate.

How different from the secular new year.

I took a look at my resolutions from Jan 22

I smiled.

Maybe one resolution had been completed. Maybe one dream had come true.

Its funny how we think we know what we need or want.

You may ask

What then have I been doing since Jan 22?

What dreams have come true?

So much!

So much more than I would have hoped.

So much more than I had written in my diary.

Different, but more!

Things went in ways I would have never dreamed.

It may seem overwhelming that G-d is deciding our fate on this day.

But I realise, G-d is unlimited.

G-d knows what we need.

We think we do.

But let's stop limiting our lives to our 8 new resolutions

and let's open our arms and hearts

to accept what G-d has in store for us.

Because it's so much better than what we would ever imagine.

As we enter the new year, I want to wish all my Jewish family, friends and colleagues a year full of unlimited revealed goodness. May G-d shower us with all the blessings we didn’t even know we needed and may our world only know of unlimited joy and festivities.

Shana tova

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