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The play group has been shut down...

These were the dreaded words I heard last week as I went to pick up my daughter.

I laughed.

I laughed because Hashem has a funny sense of humour!

One day earlier, someone had reached out to me to talk on their podcast regarding my work life balance as a mom who runs a business!


What do I have to share?

And as my thoughts started running, I realised wow I got this,

I had my baby in a playgroup in the morning while I hustled and worked.

I would pick her up from the playgroup and spend the rest of the day with her while my work phone was switched off!

I had cracked it! I had figured out how to balance my life, I could have it all!

I couldn't wait to share that the work, life, balance had become my reality!

And then Hashem sent this...

So there I was trying to navigate my one year old back home, singing the wheels on the bus while texting a client that our meeting will have to be pushed off to 7 pm, when my baby is asleep.

There's a famous saying in yiddish 'man plans and G-d laughs'

We think we are in control, we think we have it all figured out.

But we don't.

There is no such thing as work, life, balance.

Instead it's work. life. harmony: interdependent elements that are increasingly intertwined.

My priority is always going to be my home, and I'm learning to appreciate that anything else is a plus!

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